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Stan Kenton Newsletter Moves to Web

A somewhat controversial bandleader, Stan Kenton (pictured)was into change, updating styles and creating new sounds. Were he around today, it’s likely he would approve that his biggest fan publication, The Network, will cease to be a printed publication and will exist solely on the Internet.

For the past 17 years, Anthony J. Agostinelli has been publishing, editing and distributing The Network, a newsletter about the activities of the alumni of the various Stan Kenton orchestras, from his home in Portsmouth, R.I. The newsletter, which recently finished its 26th issue, has kept subscribers informed of CD issues and re-issues of the Kenton and alumni bands, has featured biographies of various Kenton sidemen and sidewomen, and carries news of all varieties in which Kenton fans would have an interest.

With the recent increase in postage rates and the growing number of people who have internet access, Agostinelli has decided to abandon the printed format. The 1,965 subscribers, in addition to any other interested fans, can now access their Kenton info at the following websites:

Hard copies can still be obtained at public, private or university libraries, as well as at local elementary, middle and high schools, or with a contribution to The Network.

For more information, e-mail [email protected]

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