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Sound Bytes: March 1998

Proton’s Large Screen Stereo Monitor

Crafted to serve as the visual centerpiece of a sophisticated home theater/ entertainment system, Proton’s NT-3420 Stereo Monitor/ Receiver features 181 channel auto-programming and a 32 inch screen. A full 650 lines of horizontal resolution assure the integrity of video images from broadcast programming to laserdisc/DVD and S-VHS titles. An advance digital comb filter and a stiffly regulated power supply further enhance picture quality.

For more information call 562-404-2222

Ampro’s ALICE Projection TV

Ampro has developed ALICE-short for Advanced Light Imaging with Computer Enhancement-a new projection television system using Texas Instrument technology. ALICE now makes it possible to process outstanding images from a variety of digital sources such as computer networks, modems, CD-ROMS, DVDs, and disks. The units are available in

two models which are designed for either home use or graphic-intensive applications.

For more information call 617-784-4400

B&W’s CDM Loudspeakers

B/W has expanded its Compact Digital Monitor Series of loud-speakers with a full range, floor standing model, the CDM 7. Like other models in the series, the new design applies new concepts and materials in the development of high-performance music reproduction speakers. The exceptionally compact, dramatically slim CDM-its “foot-print” is just the size of a standard magazine-produces extended deep bass and enhanced dynamics from a uniquely attractive, innovative three way design.

For more information call 508-664-2870.

Bose Acoustimass Speakers

Bose designers believe that audio equipment that reproduces sound should be heard, not seen. That’s the basic idea behind Bose Acoustimass speakers, which were developed to overcome two major obstacles in traditional speaker design: bulk and placement. To accomplish these goals, Bose uses a small speaker driver that produces not only high notes but much of the mid-range of music. And because the Bose cubes are Direct/Reflecting speakers, they disperse the sound more widely and cover a larger area than conventional speakers.

For more information call 908-233-8800.

Onkyo’s TX Receivers

Onkyo has unveiled a new two-channel, remote-controlled receiver, the TX-8511. A 100 watt per channel design, the receiver produces high end quality and very substantial power. It also features multi-room capabilities and 30-preset tuning. Despite its two-channel status, the TX-8511 includes a couple of video inputs fully capable of A/V dubbing, plus all discrete power amplifier stages.

For more information call 201-825-7950.

Case Logic’s Koskin CD Organizer

Offering style and portability, the Koskin CD organizers allow you to put a convenient handle on your music collection. The latest models, KSW-36 and KSW-100, feature elegant detailing, a smooth finish, and allow for expanded capacity. The soft Koskin material provide the look and feel of real leather with durable storage protection, easy access, and dual compartment sleeves that accommodate discs and liner notes.

For more information call 800-447-4848.

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