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Sound Bytes: December 1999

Snell Acoustic Speakers

Snell Acoustics’ new surround-channel speaker is adaptable for both surround-sound and multi-channel music playback. The Snell SR 30mp is switchable between “Diffuse Field” and “Direct Field” modes and is well-suited to any high-end home theater or multi-channel music system. The models employ a pair of “matrixed” 3.5-inch mid-range speakers, a 6.5-inch top-loaded woofer, and three 1-inch tweeters. Satin-finished in black or white. For more information call 978-373-6114.

Atlantic In-Wall Speakers

Atlantic’s System 10 high-performance in-wall loudspeaker is designed for superior home theater and music applications. The speakers feature a 1-inch silk dome tweeter that can be aimed for optimum dispersion, plus a front-panel high-frequency level control that can boost or cut tweeter output by 2 db. The tweeter is flanked by two long-throw 6-1/2-inch

Injection Molded Graphite woofers. For more information call 781-762-6300.

Marantz OSE CD 6000 CD Player

The CD-6000 OSE CD player from Marantz incorporates the latest Philips full-floating VAM 1201 laser mechanism and digital servo control for ultra-precise tracking. The player also offers numerous performance and convenience features, including the ability to play back CD-RW and CD-R discs, CD Text capability, and an Edit mode that automatically fits the tracks on a CD to accommodate the length of a cassette or recordable CD. For more information call 630-307-3100.

Parasound Home Theater Amplifier

The new Parasound HCA-855A five- channel power amplifier is designed for “real world” home entertainment systems where ultimate output capability isn’t as important as features and price. Rated at 85 watts RMS per channel, the HCA-855A provides smooth yet articulate control for all but the most inefficient speakers placed in exceptionally large rooms. Features include Automatic Turn On and gold-plated metal-structure RCA jacks. For more information call 415-397-7100.

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System

Now available in three colors-classic imperial white, matte black finish, and graphite gray-the Bose Acoustic Wave music system produces deep and rich bass tones from a very small enclosure, thanks to patented waveguide speaker technology. Matching accessories include a power case for portable DC operation, power pack, pedestal, and powered microphone. For more information call 1-800-919-BOSE.

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