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Slim Man: Solstice

Slim Man, the alter ego of Bona Fide bassist and leader Tim Camponeschi, has a vocal range that would probably tank on American Idol. But he stays within himself, and that works just fine for the songs he writes. Solstice has its hits and misses, but certainly benefits from Marc Antoine’s distinctive Latin-style guitar magic, which adds depth and class. Wrapping your arms around this album is akin to grabbing hold of a soundtrack of a seasonal relationship, a summer fling. The nine original songs have an ethereal quality as fleeting as a summer sunset.

Slim Man deftly blends light pop and jazz, but a full CD of his extreeeemly laid-back style can be squirm-inducing and sometimes comes across as marginal karaoke. But where Slim Man pulls it off, he does so in grand style. At the top of the list are the CD’s two covers. Tim Hardin’s pensive “If I Were a Carpenter” is patented for Slim Man’s laconic edge. And Slim dusts off Nik Kershaw’s “Wouldn’t It Be Good” to remind us just how good this little gem was. Two original tunes, “Secrets of Your Heart” and “Amore,” also rise to the top with their mild Latin and samba touches and Antoine’s plucky guitar progressions.

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