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Santessa: Santessa

Very little info here folks: the singer is unknown (from Brooklyn, London, can’t remember), the CD is a white label advance produced by Stuart Matthewman (Sade/Sweetback). No matter, Santessa’s self-titled debut is the only trip-hop record that’s gonna matter this year anyway. It’s a genius partnership, Baby Girl’s languidly sensual melancholia, Stu’s mastery of dub beat time and jazzy groove space.

Top shelf: “Joy” (exquisite Sadesque slow-drag), “Eyes On You” (Culture Club-“Funky Drummer”-space diva-skizzed rockers dub), “Back Again” (dark, Kraftwerkian trip-hop: “Don’t notice the sun, don’t notice the rain/Just waiting for you to come back again.”).

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