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Philadelphia Museum Hosts 15th Annual Junior Jazz Festival

Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum-since 1976, a hands-on museum for children and adults that centers learning opportunities on playing-will host its 15th annual Junior Jazz festival during the month of February. The festival is an opportunity for children to learn more about-and experience-jazz culture. The timing of the festival also allows the chance for young jazz enthusiasts to gain knowledge of Black History Month, which ties in heavily with jazz music.

Junior Jazz features PTM theater managers Alice Gonglewski and David Hutchman, who act in the shows. The performances offer a “Sesame Street” approach to learning about jazz, with puppet characters such as Duck Ellington and Stingray Charles. Children can also compose scores by sticking music notes onto paper and perform jazz acts on a mini-stage. They are also treated to performances by notable jazz professionals, including children’s performer, teacher and singer-songwriter Erin Flynn of Chicago, along with Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble bassist Warren Oree, who has been doing children’s programs since 1986.

“Jazz is really appropriate for this age group,” Gonglewski told the Philadelphia Daily News. “Playing from the heart and exploring innovation is really embraced in jazz, and I think all of those things are important to instill in children, especially really young children.”

Admission tickets to the Please Touch Museum include the festival, and cost $9.95. For more information, call (215) 963-0667, or visit

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