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Peter Buck Bucks Trend; Declares Trad Jazz Revival!

Peter Buck (pictured left), best known as the guitarist for the are-they-still-around? pop band commonly known as R.E.M., has put on his prognosticator’s hat. In his monthly column for the British rock mag Q, Buck declares, “Trad jazz will make a comeback.”

Clearly the abundant alcohol Buck allegedly drank last year during a harried transatlantic flight, where he was charged with disorderly conduct, hasn’t fully seeped out of his liver. “The new rock and roll uniform will be red sweater vests, accompanied by a bowler hat and a rolled brolly,” Buck continues. A ‘brolly’ is an English nickname for an umbrella. Since Buck is writing for a British audience, we say good on ya, old chap, for using the Queen’s English.

Buck continued with his seemingly drunken rant-or maybe he was just being droll; it’s a British audience, REMember?-with this: “Bands will add horn sections and banjo players. For the first time in years, trombone players will be in demand, and the clarinet will be the sexy instrument that teenagers will be playing. The most widely uttered phrase in interviews across the land will be: ‘There has always been a trad jazz element to our music.'”

Buck concluded with the obviously sincere, “I can’t fucking wait.”

Us too, Peter, us too.

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