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Pete Malinverni: The Tempest

Pete Malinverni has found just-right trio mates. The Tempest (Reservoir) owes much of its propulsive strength to the inspired hookup between the leader and bassist Dennis Irwin and drummer Leroy Williams, a partnership that’s been evolving on Malinverni’s recordings since 1997’s This Time. Malinverni’s work remains saturated in bop, but with a pronounced relaxed feel-the closing performance of “It Could Happen to You” moves to an easy yet taut groove that only masters like Barry Harris are truly comfortable with. Malinverni balances the album’s repertoire by setting off standards with his own ripe compositions. “Let the Sea Roar (Psalm 98:7-9),” adapted from a choral piece, gives notice to Malinverni’s maturation as a writer, while a gorgeous ballad reading of “My Ideal” exhibits his maturity as a player.

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