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Pelding: The Skunk EP

For flat hip-hop jazz dopeness, you can’t do much better than Pelding’s The Skunk EP (Jazz Fudge 25:43). With a rapper (K-Dub) and a producer (Peder, one third of the trip-jazz outfit the Prunes) that hail from Denmark, Pelding is clearly on the overseas bug-out tip. Which isn’t a bad thing to be, considering the number of artists-from Tricky to Goldie to DJ Krush and the Herbaliser-that are coming from the same place. K-Dub appears on two cuts here, his flow, at times, taking on a Kool Keith-ish ring (in rhyme pattern, not in content). The son of expatriate African royalty (check his lyrics on the aptly named “Exile”), his verbalisms lay out over the live-instrument oriented backing. Maybe it’s the ear-wear that comes from hearing cut after cut of digitized mainstream bullcrap, but to this day, no#thing has come close to the sound of a good old-fashioned analog keyboard. See “One” if you doubt. The keyboard backdrop on “Politician” is easily the equal of any of the repetitive funkisms currently dominating rap radio, while “The Skunk”‘s sci-fi soundtrack melody stakes out territory a few leagues beyond it. More like this, if you please.

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