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Peggy Lee Collected Again, Gets Remixed

Last year’s four-CD box o’ Peggy Lee was a fine way for Capitol Records to honor the singer, who had died earlier that year. But 110 tracks of anyone singing is a lot, more than many care to own. So, as has become the custom with box sets lately, a single-disc collecting key material from December 2002’s Peggy Lee Singles Collection box followed in June 2003. But we never mentioned that the single-disc The Best of the Singles Collection features a dance remix of “Fever,” the 1958 tune that made Peggy and Capitol lots of dough. And we know that the fanatics will want to own every last bit of Peggy Lee material available.

Like the version of “A Little Less Conversation” included on the recent Elvis Presley collection 30 #1 Hits, Lee’s classic recording of “Fever” has been retooled for the dance floor with deep bass and chill-out effects. The group responsible for the remix is Gabin, a duo comprised of DJ Filippo Cary and jazz bassist Max Bottoni, who has worked with John Scofield. There are two versions of the Gabin remix, an album cut (four minutes long) and a longer version that clock in around six minutes. That long version appears only to be on a special promotional disc sent to critics. Critics sell stuff like mad on eBay to make rent, so, Peggy superfans, head over to the Internet flea market.

The original version of “Fever” is of course included among The Best of the Singles Collection‘s 22 tracks, listed below.

The Best of the Singles Collection track list:

1. You Was Right, Baby (Barbour/Lee) – 2:31

2. It’s a Good Day performed by Lee / Barbour, Dave & His Orchestra – 2:52

3. Birmingham Jail (Traditional) – 2:51

4. Don’t Smoke in Bed (Robison) – 3:09

5. If You Could See Me Now (Dameron/Sigman) – 3:09

6. At the Café Rendezvous (Cahn/Styne) – 3:07

7. Once Around the Moon (Hilliard/Sigman) – 2:26

8. Life Is So Peculiar performed by Lee / Barbour, Dave & His Orchestra – 2:39

9. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (Kabak/Prima) – 2:16

10. Fever (Cooley/Davenport) – 3:22

11. I’m Lookin’ Out the Window (Niles) – 2:52

12. I’m Gonna Go Fishin’ (Ellington/Lee) – 2:08

13. My Gentle Young Johnny (Bock/Harnick) – 2:36

14. The Folks Who Live on the Hill (Hammerstein II/Kern) – 3:39

15. I Love Being Here With You (Lee/Schluger) – 2:48

16. Moments Like This (Lane/Loesser) – 2:48

17. Senza Fine (Paoli/Wilder) – 2:27

18. Come Back to Me (Lane/Lerner) – 2:18

19. Something (Harrison) – 3:12

20. Is That All There Is? (Leiber/Stoller) – 4:22

21. Let’s Call It a Day (Brown/Henderson) – 3:03

22. Fever (Gabin Remix) – 4:06

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