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Particle: Launchpad

Particle’s debut, Launchpad (Or Music), fits into the imaginary category the band dubs “Space Porn.” (Roll eyes here.) The opening title track certainly bears hallmarks of porn soundtracks (of which I have much firsthand knowledge): chikka-wah guitar flourishes, Velveeta-encrusted synth vamping, thrusting four-on-the-floor beats (more disco-fied than funky), bass lines that throb like John Holmes’ member, etc. All of which prompt me to question my editor’s sanity in assigning this disc for review. I love ya, Chris, but maybe you temporarily confused JazzTimes with High Times. It happens. Anyway, this L.A. quartet goes down a storm at jam-band fests with its circuitous, psychedelic improvisations that open the mystical third leg… uh, eye. Producer Tom Rothrock (Beck, Foo Fighters) gives Particle’s eventful, rococo grooves a sparkling sheen more apropos for outdoor raves than for intimate, smoky nightclubs. Yes, Launchpad’s all about ecstasy–sexual and otherwise.

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