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Marlene Rosenberg: Pieces of…

Chicago-based bassist Marlene Rosenberg handily juggles roles on her album Pieces of…. Now supportive, now stepping forward and intuitively understanding the time and place for each stance, Rosenberg amply shows why she’s one of the respected young players. It shouldn’t have to be mentioned, but she’s also a rarity in the bass orbit-being a she. Rosenberg has a good band to play off of on the session, including pianist Cedar Walton, tenor saxophonist Javon Jackson and drummer George Fludas. The song list leans toward her own inventive tunes, including the quirky swing of the title track, the sultry linear maze of “Round of Deluge” and the, well, bluesy “WWW.blues.” The set also includes Walton compositions “Sixth Ave.” and “Holy Land,” a fine showcase for Rosenberg’s melodic gifts. All in all, the album has an organic basscentric nature-not in the sense of Rosenberg seizing control of the date, but of a musical logic that works from the low end upward.

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