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Lazy K: Life in One Day

The mainstream music world has spent much time and ink touting Beck’s genius, marveling at his ability to fuse folk, blues and hip-hop into one synergistic whole. Those who have been tuning in to the Afro-boho aesthetic of people like Basehead and Spearhead from the very beginning probably have been wondering what all the fuss is about. Former Basehead guitarist Keith Lofton, a.k.a. Lazy K’s Life in One Day (Mutant Sound System 0020-2,38:02) makes you wonder even more. “Loose-jointed” would be a good way to describe K’s craftsmanship. His guitar playing is definitely of the lo-fi school, yet he’s more than just a three chord singer-songwriter strummer or a fumble-fingered modern rock blockhead. He’s got hip-hop flavor, yet he’s not trotting out the latest beats or verbal ciphers. And even though he clearly has something to say-check the scathing, disc-ending “Parallels of a Catastrophe”-he would be perfectly happy if you did nothing but spark a doobie and hit the play button. For every “Life in One Day,” a deadpan glimpse at everyday drug addiction, there’s the goofily self-explanatory “Asswatcher.” Couching Lofton’s casual observations in everything from funk-rock to reggae (“Joint #9”), Life in One Day manages to live up to its title without even really trying, it’s often casual brilliance obscured by a cloud of five-and-dime incense and pot smoke.

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