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Kim Waters: In the Groove

Like any musician, saxophonist Kim Waters performing live and on record are two different people. His records are smooth-jazz gems, polished to perfection and chock full of hooks. Live, Waters’ style is to play a quick snippet of a top hit and go off into improv-land, showing his true jazz chops. Waters’ first DVD is a cross between the two situations: It’s one in a continuing series by Shanachie filmed live in the studio, with no audience, at Harbourfront Centre Theatre in Toronto.

You’ll see Waters playing superbly in front of bandmates James Waters Jr. on bass, Gregory Grainger on drums and Allen Smith on keys. You’ll hear him extend out the jams on two of his biggest hits, “The Ride” and “Waterfall,” and understand why the ladies love him as he plays his gorgeous ballad “All I Wanna Do (Is Please You).” And you’ll also see him play the hell out of his funky little trademark curved sopranino saxophone. For all that, the DVD delivers. But a better Kim Waters DVD is waiting to be made, one recorded live where the audience’s excitement is palpable, as is the energy Waters draws from it.

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