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Juan Carlos Quintero: Las Cumbias … Las Guitarras

Colombian-born guitarist Juan Carlo Quintero, now living in L.A., takes the folksy dance music of his native land, cumbia, and effortlessly brings it to life with the help of an international cast of musicians from Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Italy, Mexico and the United States. Authentic and organic, Las Cumbias…Las Guitarras is less a project that borrows from cumbia than one that lives it. It should be said that seven of the original pieces were previously released on recordings now out of print. There are three new songs.

Just about each song, in addition to their even-paced guitar picking, features the accordion and heavy percussion, from the lovely and evocative “El Baile” to the more energetic “Cumbia Para Los Bandidos (de amor).” Other songs, such as “Festival en Chia” and “Los Cultos,” show a kindred spirit to the Brazilian bossa nova.

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