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Jordi Rossy Trio : Wicca

Jorge Rossy is a world-class drummer who was a member of one of the most important piano trios of the last decade, Brad Mehldau’s. Rossy has a new name (Jordi) and a new instrument (piano), on which Wicca is his recording debut.

Rossy’s trio here has the highly unusual configuration of piano, organ (Albert Sanz), and drums (R. J. Miller). The music is even more unexpected than the instrumentation. Wicca is mostly simple and slow and deliberate, yet it is oddly seductive. The grooves (with Miller stirring and teasing, mostly on brushes, perversely preserving the tension) become insidious, with a strong magnetic pull. On the evidence of this album, Rossy’s technical facility is finite, but he works effectively within his limitations, placing pristine melodic figures side by side that are cumulatively incantatory.

There is surprising air and open space because Rossy and Sanz stay out of one another’s way. Sanz sometimes functions like a bassist, and sometimes functions more orchestral, with subtle underlayers and fills. When Sanz solos and Rossy comps, there is no diminishment of melodic focus, only a different, thicker texture.

This album is unquestionably jazz, but jazz with a unique ensemble concept and refreshingly unfamiliar assumptions and musical allusions.

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