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John Turner: Horn Resounding

Where oh where has Jon Hassell gone? While cornetist/trumpeters like Graham Haynes, Ben Neill and John Turner-aka JT-crib from his signature electronic-dipped world music to make grand new sounds of their own, the Fourth World pioneer seems to be content to slip out albums every few years, then return to hibernation. JT’s debut CD, Horn Resounding, should tide you over until Hassell resurfaces.

JT usually provides effects-treated trumpet melodies to the Brooklyn-based collective Baraka Orchestra (no association with Amiri), but on Horn Resounding he steps out front as leader. Mixing preprogrammed rhythms with bass, guitar, percussion and keyboard contributions from a variety of musician friends, JT adds his trumpet loops and digital “gizmology,” as he calls it, to the dub and groove-based tracks.

JT’s trumpet lines are simple and, like in any dub music, subservient to the effects processors. “Scratch That Niche,” “Carnival Knowledge Theme” and “Horn Resounding in Dub” are hypnotic, low-key tracks that bathe in ambient sounds, looped trumpet and chilled-out grooves. JT’s dub-jazz aesthetic might not be entirely unique, but it is entirely welcome.

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