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Joe Morris: Singularity

It’s easy to be a little skeptical about this CD-not about its performer or quality, but about how Singularity was made: Its performer and producer claim that the album is a live studio disc without any overdubbing. Morris plays with such unbelievable virtuosity that it is hard to visualize only two hands making this music, let alone one guitar. Putting down his standard electric Gibson in favor a steel-stringed acoustic, Morris often sounds like he is playing a harp because of how fast and dexterous his lines are.

Of course, great musicianship doesn’t cinch a great album. Although the playing on Singularity is not repetitive, the 10 tracks are exhausting and unrelenting. In Morris’ attempt to showcase his command of the guitar, his compositions are not as lyrical as his work with his duo or trio.

Singularity is a breathtaking chops exercise, but not as compelling as an album.

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