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Jerry Bergonzi with Joey Calderazzo, Lars Danielsson, Jukkis Uotila: Fast Company

Fast Company has a different feel, in part owing to the presence of pianist Calderazzo, a fleetly accomplished post-Tyner stylist with a particularly good sense of phrasing (unlike many of this school). The music seems to move from one major tonal canter to another with no feeling of harmonic tension. Whether this is the material or Calderazzo’s concept I’m not sure, but the effect is a bit like driving on a flat country road with a lot of curves but no hills or trees. The soloists largely succeed in holding one’s attention in spite of this.

These are two-and-a-half or three-star records by musicians I would gladly see live: solid and intelligent efforts that indicate players worth watching but nothing to make you feel that this generation of mainstreamers has yet come up to the level that the likes of Ruby Braff (trombone), Benny Green, or Ike Quebec achieved.

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