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Jazz: Transform, and Roll Out!

Remember the Transformers? You know, those toys that turned into cars and then robots and then back again? They’ve been alive and well since their 1984 debut, but attempting to locate and purchase any of the original “Generation 1” figures can be time-consuming and expensive. Online collectors often get involved in bidding wars, and some figures are so rare that you could end up spending way over a grand just to own one.

But now, if you’re a Transformers fan and a jazz fan–a combo more rare than a Charlie Parker 78 or a mint Star Wars bedspread–your toy sailboat has come in! Thanks to extreme demand for these older figures, Takara of Japan has decided to do a series of ’80s Transformer rereleases for the Japanese market, one of which is the Heroic Autobot Jazz (pictured). Jazz was the Autobot’s Special Operations Agent and right-hand man to the leader, Optimus Prime, during the Transformers’ war with the evil Decepticons. Jazz transforms into a Porsche, complete with spoiler; there is no truth to the rumor that he turns into a trap-drum kit when extremely agitated.

Jazz will be packaged with his original weapons–no, not a saxophone that shoots laser beams–and sticker sheet as well as a small poster and trading card. Dreamwave Productions, who recently inked a deal to produce Transformers comics, is rumored to be designing the box art. You can preorder Jazz (and other nifty-cool toys) at

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