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Ivo Perelman Trio: Revelation

Led by tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman, this group features bassist Dominic Duval and drummer Jay Rosen-who comprise his core trio-and includes guest guitarist Rory Stuart. Throughout, the format is loose, allowing the music to spontaneously unfold; however, the multi-dimensional results are a cut above the the unbridled chaos usually associated with free jam sessions.

“Waiting For Plugs” begins pensively, with Stuart coaxing disjointed sounds from his instrument as the rhythm section reacts in the background; later on, Perelman periodically imitates the guitar, and then painfully screeches alone, initiating another group episode. In contrast, “Drips” follows an arched design with the guitar playing pointillistically and the trio following suit until reaching a peak that tapers into nothingness. Two of the more amusing tracks are based on “Auld Lang Syne;” the first develops over an eerie drone, while the second mines a bluesy vein. The remaining pieces reflect an equally refined balance of freedom and control. In short, Revelation features creative music that places close listening and group interaction above more mundane considerations like what scale to play over a particular chord.

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