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HiM: Many in High Places Are Not Well

One of the most transportive and subtle mélanges of electronica and live instrumentation is on HiM’s magical new CD, Many in High Places Are Not Well (Bubble Core). Led by drummer and electronic wizard Doug Scharin, HiM resembles Peter Apfelbaum’s Hieroglyphics Ensemble with their compelling explorations of modern African grooves. Kora player Abdou M’Boup brings a level of authenticity to the vibe on the title track, while the lulling blend of strings, horns and Scharin’s understated electronica shadings on songs like the titillating “Elementals” and the enigmatic, dubbed-out “Slow Slow Slow” enliven the music with a distinctive cosmopolitan flair. No singular soloist materializes from the haunting soundscapes, but all as one HiM seduces, magnificently.

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