Herbie Hancock Named L.A. Philharmonic’s Next Creative Chair for Jazz

Herbie Hancock

Add another line to his resume, right underneath “Grammy Award for Album of the Year.”

Herbie Hancock has been named the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s next creative chair for jazz, and will inherit the two-year residency from bassist Christian McBride next year. Always interested in making the music more culturally and commercially accessible, Hancock told the Associated Press: “I’m interested in [the] cross-pollination of music of various cultures. … And I would like to see more interaction between visuals and music. Ballet or some sort of pop-oriented kind of dance interacting with jazz, visuals done with computer graphics or film segments with jazz, or a mixture of jazz and other genres.”

Hancock’s duties will include directing jazz programming at the architecturally out-there Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl (where Hancock is booked this Friday and Saturday with Chinese piano virtuoso Lang Lang. For tickets to those shows click here; to see the pair perform “Rhapsody in Blue,” click here).

Hancock also told the AP about a forthcoming album, which sounds a bit like a transcultural recast of 2005’s celeb-heavy Possibilities. Scheduled for a 2010 release, the record is reported to feature Chaka Khan, Dave Matthews and Tracy Chapman.

Evan Haga

Evan Haga worked as an editor and writer at JazzTimes from 2006 to 2018. He is currently the Jazz Curator at TIDAL, and his writing has appeared at RollingStone.com, NPR MusicBillboard and other outlets.