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Gigbag: September 2005

Vandoren Signature B45 Mouthpiece

In celebration of its centennial year, Vandoren has unveiled a limited edition Signature B45 Bb clarinet mouthpiece. It’s a standard B45 piece with Bernard Van Doren’s signature on the side, each one individually numbered from one to 1,000. It’s such a collector’s item that you may never want to play it.

Guyatone Tube Drive Reverb

Guyatone’s FR3000V Tube Drive Reverb aims to recreate the reverb tone of yesteryear. A standalone analog reverb unit with individual knobs for level, bass, treble, reverb level and volume, makes for a wide array of accessible reverb tones. The unit is loaded with unique vintage tubes and a two-spring Accutronics long reverb tank. Dual front and rear inputs allow for mounting in a case or rack.

The Jazz Drummer’s Workshop

Drummer and educator John Riley’s instructional book and CD combo, subtitled Advanced Concepts for Musical Development, covers topics for advanced students, including time playing, comping, soloing and technique. Advanced concepts include an exploration of the Moeller stroke and a focus on odd time signatures. Riley also examines the style and technique of distinguished drummers like Tony Williams and Elvin Jones. The CD features Riley performing many of his lessons and examples.

Marantz Flash Recorder

Small enough to fit in your pocket, Marantz Professional’s PMD660 records stereo WAV and mp3 files to inexpensive Compact Flash media cards. A one-gigabyte card can hold more than 17 hours of stereo mp3, and with two built-in condenser mics, true stereo recordings are easy. The recorder also features XLR and stereo line inputs and two on-the-spot editing modes, so that you can erase all that embarrassing stage banter.

Phil Jones Bass Buddy

The Phil Jones Bass Buddy is a multi-function headphone amp with more power than you’ll ever need. It’s a bass amplifier and limiter with an EQ set specifically for bass instruments and a stereo input for connecting a drum machine or mp3 player. It’s also a preamp with enough kick to power a full bass rig. Enclosed in a thick stainless steel case, the Bass Buddy weighs only two pounds and comes with a padded shoulder bag.

GForce Virtual Synths

Four new software synths from M-Audio recreate the sounds of four famous vintage keyboards. Available for both Mac and Windows, the GForce series boasts Oddity (based on the ARP Odyssey), Minimonsta (a MiniMoog modeler), impOSCar (to recreate Stevie Wonder’s famous OSCar sounds) and M-Tron (a virtual Mellotron). All run as standalone synths, as well as with VST, RTAS, or AU hosts. Perhaps the best part: these synths take up zero table space.

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