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Gigbag: September 2001

Korg CX-3 Combo Organ

Original members of Korg’s 1979 design team met with Korg’s latest crop of engineers to create the CX-3 Combo Organ. Using newly developed digital-modeling technology, the unit recreates the unique sound of a tone-wheel organ. The CX-3 can even recreate the sound of mechanical noise generated by actual tone wheels or the sound of dirty key contacts found in vintage instruments. The CX-3’s 128 programs cover a range of organ sounds and two sets of nine drawbars can tune in proper foldback settings or those crunchy harmonic distortions.

Carvin RL810 Bass System

Can’t get a decent bass sound in a club? Bassists looking for a more clearly defined sound ought to check out the Carvin RL810 bass system. The RL810 is designed to deliver solid punch and midrange clarity from any bass guitar whether it’s that Jaco signature model you starved to afford or the homely axe you bought from your college roommate for 10 bucks. A bridged head unit, rated at 1,000 watts RMS, powers eight 10-inch drivers, and a built-in compression horn delivers impressive volume and crisp detail.

Ludwig Millennium Snare Drums

Drum collectors take heed: Ludwig has issued four different Millennium Snare Drums limited to a small production run of 100 units each. The drums are available with a brass or birdseye maple shell and come in two sizes: 5 inches x 14 inches and 6-1/2 inches x 14 inches. Special features like an engraved brass plated strainer and brass-plated die-cast hoops produce distinctive resonance, projection and bright sound. Each drum is packaged with a Millennium badge and serial number plate, along with a deluxe case.

Yamaha QY100 Sequencer

Always willing to play “Stella,” the Yamaha QY100 is a palm-sized mini-studio, portable backup band and practice partner. Full MIDI compatibility, over 500 instrument voices, onboard effects and a database of musical patterns allow you to create sequences in a variety of styles, from trad jazz to funk-inflected fusion. Playing along with sequences is possible by way of a guitar/mic input complete with gain control, multiple amplifier simulation and effects. Sequences can be stored on a standard memory card or transferred to a computer.

Sabine Power-Q

Finding space for equipment in a tiny sound booth or an overcrowded studio can be difficult. Sabine’s Power-Q makes room for more toys by combining the functions of nine separate rack units into one. The 24-bit, two-channel unit contains parametric EQ (up to 12 bands per channel, with low- and high-pass filters), 31-band graphic EQ with adjustable filter widths, full-featured real-time analyzer, compressor/limiter, delay, noise gate and 24 patented FBX feedback-exterminator filters (12 per channel). All functions operate concurrently and the unit can store up to 99 user-defined configurations and load programs locally or via serial/MIDI remote control.

Nouveau Weight-Less Cases

Nouveau Weight-Less cases by Ameritage are visually deceptive. The cases appear to be heavy duty and substantial, but actually weigh significantly less than traditional cases. The exterior sides are made of strong six-ply hardwood veneer, while the top and bottom are contour manufactured using an injection-reaction urethane three-part molding system. Sounds like something out of Dexter’s Laboratory, but all you need

to know is that the process results in a lightweight case sturdy enough to protect your valued instrument.

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