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Gigbag: October 2003

Boss BR-864

Boss’ latest digital 8-track is its smallest and least expensive. Still, it’s loaded. A USB port enables two-way communication between the BR-864 and a computer-export tunes from the 128MB Compact Flash card (which holds about an hour of audio), or import .WAV or AIFF files you’ve previously recorded. Effects, amp simulators and fully programmable rhythm functions are already onboard. And the bit about eight tracks is just technical talk: 64 virtual tracks are available. But can you dream up that many harmonies?

M-Audio Luna Microphone

The unique-looking Luna, a lollipop of a microphone, is M-Audio’s latest cardioid condenser, with a large, 1 1/10-inch diaphragm. Luna’s insides are Class A FET electronics, not tubes, but M-Audio promises a “vintage” tone. It’s a great starter microphone and ideal for the project studio, but Luna comes packaged like a high-class mike, in a sturdy carrying case and with a shock mount.

Selmer Soloist Mouthpieces

Suitable for both classical and jazz styles, Selmer’s Soloist series alto and tenor saxophone mouthpieces now come in G, H, I and J facings, complementing the C*, C**, D, E and F facings introduced last year. The Soloists are reissues of the 1960s and ’70s Selmer mouthpieces; hard rubber with an arched chamber-to-bore design. An edgier tone emits from a Soloist than from the S80 and S90 Selmer mouthpieces. The Soloists come out of the Selmer Paris tradition: they are tuned by hand.

MIDI 9 Fender Rhodes Interface

Want MIDI capability in your Fender Rhodes electric piano to control synths, samplers, etc.? Speakeasy Vintage Music and Electronic Edge have collaborated on a system that outfits any Rhodes with a MIDI-Out only interface called MIDI 9 (formerly Gulbransen). Installing the MIDI-Out only functionality involves getting inside the suitcase and lacing it with electronics. Check out their Web sites for further info on how to update your instrument, plus lots of related vintage gear, geek-type stuff.,

Ernie Ball Compact Volume Pedals

Compared to the average volume pedal, Ernie Ball’s new VP Jr. models have a kid-size footprint, which, if space is tight, might create room in your existing setup for another stompbox. These two pedals are identical save for their potentiometers-one has a 250K pot that’s best for instruments without preamps, or for passive electronics; the other’s 25K pot works great for the opposite: active electronics or preamp-equipped guitars or instruments with higher outputs.

Yamaha ClickStation

This metronome is highly advanced. The ClickStation will, like most metronomes, click audibly to keep you in time and/or give you the beat visually via an LED, but it will also let you get the pulse tactilely, by way of a vibrating pad on the unit’s surface. It’s ingenious-feeling the beat is the only way to truly know the beat. Individual fader controls for beat subdivisions add another level of functionality and the ClickStation is MIDI synchable.

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