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Gigbag: October 2001

Leblanc H2880 Trumpet Mouthpiece

It may look a bit like a flexi-straw, but this trumpet mouthpiece still leaves the note bending to you. Leblanc designed the H2880 mouthpiece along with Cuban jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, known for his high-energy yelps and flurried runs in the high register. The mouthpiece’s 3.6mm diameter throat makes it easy to reach the high notes while the low and middle registers retain a full sound. A medium-size, gold-plated rim makes playing a little more comfortable.

Yamaha Silent Brass Electronic Muting System

Apartment dwelling horn blowers upset their neighbors when they don’t practice in a silent way, so Yamaha developed a doo-dad that lets you blow hard without disturbing the peace. The Silent Brass Electronic Muting System, available for trumpet, trombone, French horn, flugelhorn, Piccolo trumpet, euphonium and tuba, includes a mute (with a microphone inside) and an electronic processor with a headphone output. The mute reduces external volume to a whisper, but doesn’t block the airway, which allows for free blowing. Two mutes can be hooked up to the processor for late-night, silent jam sessions.

Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Bass Strings

Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Bass Strings are made the old-fashioned way: with silk inlays, to deliver warm, woody vintage tone. Available in both flat- and round-wound sets, the strings’ windings are made of pure nickel and are polished for extended life and a supple, responsive feel. Sets are available in a number of different gauges and scale lengths. Thomastik-Infeld also makes a bunch of different jazz-guitar strings, including a George Benson signature line.

Conn 62H Professional Bass Trombone

A reissue of a classic, discontinued model, the C.G. Conn 62H Professional Bass Trombone is a dual rotor horn with a dependent rotor system. The new 62H has a 9-inch (229mm) annealed rose-brass bell, with a .562-inch (14.27mm) primary bore. Three interchangeable leadpipes come standard with the horn for greater playing situation flexibility. It also comes with a 1 1/2G mouthpiece and a deluxe woodshell case to protect its clear lacquer finish.

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