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Gigbag: October 1997

ADA Ampulator.

ADA Amplifier Systems has introduced the Ampulator, a combination tube power amp/speaker cabinet emulator. Designed for direct to house system, or direct recording applications, the Ampulator effectively creates the type of power amp desired for a performance or session. The highly interactive controls include drive level, tube matching, hum injection, tube bias, amplifier class, power level (up to 200 watts) and tube character.

Suggested list price: $699.95

For more information call 510-532-1152.

Hammond Suzuki MIDI Sound Module

Hammond Suzuki has introduced the XM-1 MIDI Drawbar Sound Module, allowing a musician to hold the key to the real Hammond B-3 sound in the palm of his hand. The XM-1 generates the pure Harmonic Drawbar tones of the Hammond B-3, C-3 and A-100 family of organs, reproducing the sound of tone wheels in every aspect down to the variations in key click and crosstalk. The unit also features the new balance Monitored Time Phase digital Leslie Speaker simulator, so it’s now possible to produce the Hammond B-3 sound without breaking your back.

For more information call 630-543-0277.

Line 6 Digital Guitar Amp

Line 6’s new AxSys 212 digital guitar amp is capable of emulating the sounds of the most popular classic tube and solid state amps. It features a unique Dual DSP preamp section that models not only a “tube sound” but the entire tube circuitry including the amplifier. To further enhance the sound, a professional-quality “rack-mount” digital effects processor is built into the design. The unit is equipped with a 100 watt stereo amp and 12″ custom designed Eminence Speakers.

Suggested list price: $999.00

For more information call 310-390-5956.

The String Butler

The String Butler is designed to hold valuable instruments. Hand-crafted in solid mahogany or maple, the String Butler accommodates violins, violas, fiddles or any style of guitar. Two sizes are available. The smaller one is equipped with a bow hook for violins, fiddles and violas. Custom orders are also available.

Suggested list price: $67.95 and $69.95

For more information call 800-699-0583.

Modulus Sonichammer Guitars

Modulus Guitars has unveiled its Sonic Hammer Series, a new line of guitars developed for aggressive jazz-funk and rock styles, Featuring a 3 coil Bartolini pickup with active bass and treble controls, the SonicHammer has an original body designed for maximum balance, control and sustain. Standard features include a 21-fret, 34″ scale graphite bolt-on neck and phenolic fingerboard.

Suggested list price $2199.00 and up.

For more information call 415-703-0500.

Dean Markley Guitar Pickup

Dean Markley Strings has developed the Sweet Spot Under the Saddle Bridge Pickup for guitars. The thin, piezo-kinetic powered, flexible foil strip pickup is easily installed under the acoustic guitar’s bridge saddle and captures all the necessary resonances and overtones to produce a rich and full natural tone. The ceramic piezo design means that no pre-amp is required to give the guitarist the strongest and hottest signal available.

For more information call 800-800-1008.

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