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Gigbag: November 2004

Evans Tune-Up Kit

This package of drum-tuning aids from Evans arrives just in time for you to stuff a stocking (even if its your own). The Tune-Up Kit includes one of Evans’ magnetic-head drum keys, which features an optional key-chain adapter, plus half a dozen Min-EMAD tom and snare dampers, which eliminate troublesome overtones and control sustain when attached to a drumhead.

Korg MM-2 Metronome

Based on its popular, super-small MM-1 model, Korg’s new MM-2 MetroGnome offers the same features of its predecessor-39 selectable tempo steps in a range from 40-208 BPM, selectable time signatures (from 1/4 through 7/4), 8th notes, triplets and 16th notes-plus improved comfort and sound quality. The MM-2 gently hooks over the ear, and the padded speaker rests against the earlobe. And you can change the way it looks via two interchangeable faceplates.

Neotech Super Harness

Do you have an aching back? Maybe you should have chosen the clarinet over the baritone sax, my friend. But if you’re totally committed to a heavy horn, Neotech’s strapped-out Super Harness will provide the support and relief you’re looking for. The Harness’ design lets you move freely and can make your instrument feel up to 50 percent lighter than it actually is.

Drum Solos Revisited

Twenty-five years ago Latin Percussion founder Martin Cohen released a series of vinyl albums called Drum Solos that became must-hear material for serious students of Latin rhythm. LP follows up this year with Drum Solos Revisited, an instructional DVD featuring the tricks and talents of 15 top NYC percussionists that includes loads of example rhythms, a play-along section and a Spanish language track.

Tama TotalWood Snares

Tama’s limited edition, 2004 TotalWood snares feature both wood hoops and wood shells. The shells are 100-percent select maple with an outer ply of rare bird’s eye maple. For players who prefer a brighter tone, the ABE655M model features maple hoops. Players who want a somewhat darker tone will likely prefer the AB655C, which features cherry hoops.

Amazing Slow Downer

Here’s a software-based alternative to those machines that slow down a song without altering the music’s pitch, so that you can cop speedy licks. Available for both PC and Mac, Roni Music’s Amazing Slow Downer can slow a .WAV or MP3 audio file to half speed, or speed it up four times as fast, change the pitch in semitones and/or cents-and can do it all in real time. Audio samples of the Slow Downer in action, as well as the program itself, are available for download from Roni’s Web site:

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