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Gigbag: November 2003

Evans Min-EMAD

These little doodads reduce unwanted resonance from a drum kit with the power of Velcro. Put a Velcro dot on a drum head and one on its counterhoop, then bridge them together with the fabric strip and listen. Overtones disappear. The closer you attach the dot to the center of the head, the more sound waves you’ll quell. Wild kits can be tamed, and drums of disparate brands and vintages can be better blended. Min-EMADs come in six-packs with Velcro dots in three sizes for different levels of dampening.

Sennheiser MZH 604 Clamp

Sennheiser straightened out the bowed back of the old MZH 504 rim-mounting mike clamp and found that the mod made for more realistic and intense signal from the drum mikes it was built for-the Evolution 604 and MD 504. The new design pulls the mike’s diaphragm further from the center of the drumhead, resulting in less mud and more nuances. Additionally, the new clamp keeps its mike out of the drumsticks’ way.


These sticks landed in Europe last year and found acceptance quickly. Now available in the U.S., Carbosticks are made from a “special porous material” that wicks away perspiration and resists nicks and scratches. Hard as they are, the Carbosticks won’t damage cymbals, drumheads or rims. 7A, 5A and 5B models are available, with two different tip designs and two balance point weights for each model.

Yamaha Subkick

Creative recording engineers have captured bass-drum sounds using reverse-wired woofers for years. Makes sense considering speakers are essentially backwards microphones; a large speaker cone is the perfect match for a big and deep hit on the kick. You used to have be a determined DIYer to use the technique yourself, but Yamaha has put an end to that. The new Subkick bass drum mike is actually a 7-ply maple drum with a 10-inch woofer suspended inside. It captures the low frequencies below 100Hz (its full range is 20Hz-8kHz) and the drum shell casing focuses the sound and provides punch.

LP Palladium Conga Bag

If you have a pretty wood conga, you might as well keep it looking as good as it sounds. If it’s an LP Palladium series conga, LP would like you to use its new gig bag to protect it. The nylon Palladium Conga Bag was designed to hug the instrument, keep it safe and not add much bulk to your load. It’s equipped with straps and wheels, plus a pocket on the side for your keys, tools, music, etc.

Camber T-Tops

Based on a classic design from the 1960s, Camber’s T-Tops replace the wingnuts at the tops your cymbal stands. Aside from looking cooler than wingnuts, T-Tops rid you of the screwing and unscrewing involved while changing cymbals. Just pull one off and plop one on. The “T” shape keeps the cymbal in place. Changes made onstage will be faster and you won’t curse as much because you won’t be dropping any more wingnuts.

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