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Gigbag: November 2002

Drum Workshop Craviotto Solid-Shell Snare

Crafted from birch dredged from the bottom of Lake Superior, Drum Workshop’s Craviotto Solid-Shell snares are as popular as the previous snares DW made from sunken maple. With nickel-plated, engraved, brass counterhoops, vintage-style tube lugs, Remo Renaissance heads and Puresound snare wires, the snares are tricked out with goodies. You’d best get yours now as the drums are in limited supply-there’s only so much birch at the bottom of that lake, after all.

Sonor Giant Step Twin Effect Pedal

It might take time to adjust to Sonor’s Giant Step Twin Effect Pedal-it’s a double-bass pedal you can power with just one foot-but the hard work will pay off when you discover the possibilities of hitting the kick heel-to-toe, so to speak. Adjustable to the size of your foot, the pedal is built sturdy and can accommodate different beaters for even more tonal variations.

Vic Firth RUTE Sticks

Four recent additions to Vic Firth’s line of RUTE series sticks will push your sound into more alternative realms. Models 202 and 303 are bundles of birch dowels bound in birch handles, 404 is a 12-dowel brush/fan and 505 is a brush made from 31 plastic bristles, sure to add a resonant splatter to your combo playing. If you’re all set in the stick department but could use some culinary aids, Vic Firth’s factory also turns out a line of pepper mills and rolling pins. Strange, but true.

Sabian Practice Discs

Practice late into the night much? Save your neighbors a phone call and throw Sabian’s Practice Discs on your drums when the sun goes down. The rubber pads reduce the volume of your shells, but let your sticks bounce and snap as usual. Practice Discs are available in standard drum sizes and Sabian makes pads to silence your cymbals as well.


Call it a practice pad with a brain. The Metropad is like a regular practice pad but keeps you in time with a built-in metronome located just above its gum-rubber playing surface. The metronome’s BPM rate is adjustable and the accent can be placed for 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures. Pictured is the latest model: thin, lightweight and fits in a backpack. Other models get fancier.

Evans Flip-Key

Like the Boy Scouts say, be prepared. In this case we’re talking drums and doesn’t it stink when you lose your drum key? But you never lose your car or house keys, right? Evans’ compact Flip Key can (with its key-chain adapter) hang on a ring with all your other keys and it’ll be ready anytime a lug needs a quick quarter-turn.

Grip Peddler Pedal Grips

Like the rubber flowers that line Granny’s shower floor, Grip Peddler pads stick to your drum kit’s pedals to reduce foot slippage during play. Peter Erskine uses them, Dennis Chambers, too. Chambers says: “I find it keeps my foot from sliding and takes away the shock from the metal footboard when I’m laying into my bass drum.” Grip Peddler makes different size grips to fit a wide variety of hardware brands.

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