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Gigbag: May 2006

Prelude Bass Strings
M-Audio Sputnik Microphone
The Harmony Wheel
Drumometer Model II

Prelude Bass Strings

Recognizing that student bass players don’t necessarily have the dough for pro-level strings but need to restring their instruments still the same, D’Addario responded with Prelude bass strings. Available in four scale lengths from 3/4 to 1/8, the stainless-steel wound strings have an easy response and come only in a medium-tension gauge.

John Abercrombie DVD

On the 90-miunte instructional DVD John Abercrombie Teaches Jazz Guitar Improvisation, the mustachioed maestro of the six-string gets down to the nitty gritty of improvisational technique. Using some of his own compositions, plus “Stella by Starlight,” Ambercrombie reveals the secret of using motivic development, dynamics and rhythmic changes and space to create interesting and affecting improvisations.; 1-800-33-TAPES

Sputnik Microphone

M-Audio’s latest microphone uses a military-grade 6025M tube to produce a sound akin to vintage condenser mikes that’ll set you back thousands. Named Sputnik, the large-diaphragm condenser mike can be switched between cardioid, omni and figure-8 polar patterns for a variety of instrument and voice miking applications. It comes with its own power supply, shockmount, seven-pin mike cable and a custom briefcase.

The Harmony Wheel

Take a spin around the six-inch diameter Harmony Wheel and you’ll learn aspects of music theory, from the Circle of Fifths to harmonic relationships and which scale degrees you use to create them, to intervals and modes and more. The color-coded wheel also serves as a guide for transposing, song and chord construction, solo improvisation and modulations.; 877-DrDUCK8

The Gerry Mulligan Collection

So you wanna play like Gerry Mulligan? Work through the 14 Mulligan and Mulligan-associated tunes presented in The Gerry Mulligan Collection and perhaps you’ll have the master baritone saxophonist’s style down pat. Forrest “Woody” Mankowski transcribed these songs, including “Venus De Milo,” “Festive Minor” and “Walkin’ Shoes,” and presents them in standard musical notation, complete with the underlying chords to use as a guide.

Drumometer Model II

Are you the world’s fastest drummer? Only the Drumometer knows. Inspired in part by Buddy Rich, the Drumometer measures how fast a drummer can drum, and presents a fun way for instructors and students to gauge their progress, while building one’s timing, technique and speed. The new Model II comes with a Drum-O-Pad, Drum-O-Trigger, remote footswitch and everything need to hook it up for your own World’s Fastest Drummer competition-even the batteries are included.

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