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Gigbag: March 2004

Zildjian K Custom Session Cymbals

Drummer Steve Gadd spent years working with the big Z to create the new K Custom Session cymbals. He feels they’ve made dishes that sound faithful to the ones he’s used for years. The hi-hat’s top is heavier than its bottom (Gadd’s recipe for a defined “chick” sound); the crashes ring dark and low, but decay quickly; and the 18-inch, unlathed ride is low in pitch and has a more controlled spread than previous K Custom rides.

Vandoren Glass Reed Resurfacer

Vandoren’s Glass Reed Resurfacer is an obsessive’s tool. Imagine adjusting factory reed designs to your own tastes to better complement your highly original and innovative tone. You can sand a reed down on the Resurfacer and shape it just the way you like it. The best part about it is that this thing looks like any other glass tchotchke you’ve seen in other people’s homes and, out of politeness, haven’t asked what the hell it is. So no one will know how you do it.

Echo Indigo io

Echo Audio made the first Indigo sound card as a way to improve on the cruddy audio output that haunts most laptop computers. It worked, so Echo followed up with the Indigo io, a card for laptops that not only upgrades audio output but also

supplies a stereo input, allowing for 24-bit 96kHz audio recording. Both input and output use a 1/8-inch stereo phono connection, but it comes with an adapter cable for RCA and 1/4-inch connections.

TreeWorks Micro Tree

Call us shortsighted, but we figured that chime-maker TreeWorks had pretty much tapped out the possibilities on chime designs. No sir. The new Micro Tree is a tiny, 10-bell chime only seven inches wide that you can use when a tune needs that beautiful ringing sound-but needs just a little bit. For a few dollars more you can double your pleasure with a two-row Micro Tree that doesn’t just duplicate the same pitches, but adds another nine of tones.

WT II Mouthpieces

You might not have heard of saxophonist Wolfe “Tayne” Taninbaum, who worked as a CBS staff musician back in the day, but you might have heard his mouthpieces in action. In the 1950s Tayne developed unique facings for five Otto Link mouthpieces that created a dark and husky resonance the jazzbos just ate up. Bari and Associates have since cloned the coveted WT mouthpieces using mint-condition, vintage specimens. But the gold-plated WT II is available only through Leblanc, in alto and tenor models with facings ranging from 5* to 10.

Acoustic Image New Yorker Amp

Not much larger than a milk crate and weighing just 23 pounds, this single-channel, 250-watt guitar/bass amp meets the demands of car-less musicians in cities who travel on foot and in cabs and subways. In addition to being plenty loud for jazz gigs, the New Yorker sports a four-band EQ, an effects loop and a direct output. And Acoustic Image’s reputation for superb sonic clarity will remain intact as this one carries the same speakers used in the company’s other combo amps.

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