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Gigbag: June 2003

Zildjian/Noble & Cooley Special Edition Snare

Getting one of these money-metal drums before the collectors snatch them up will be a feat well worth the trouble. Limited to an edition of 500, this snare is a collaborative effort of cymbal-maker Avedis Zildjian and drum-maker Noble & Cooley, designed by industry innovator Bob Gatzen. The 4 3/4″ x 14″ drum shell is one piece of Zildjian’s famous cymbal alloy, fitted with Noble & Cooley’s solid brass, low mass nodal-mounted lugs and triple flange hoops as well as a solid brass, off-axis strainer and butt end. Each one is capped off with an Evans drumhead equipped with the MinEmad dampening system.,

Black Diamond Black Bass Strings

A favorite brand among discerning guitar players, Black Diamond is now winding nickel-plated steel bass-guitar strings and covering them with its unique black polycoating. Available in gauges from .040-.100 and .045-.105 and in four- and five-string sets, the strings should last up to three to four times longer than the uncoated variety. The black coating also makes it easy to see when it’s time to change strings. That’s comes as good news because bass players are, in general, pretty stupid. Put away your stationery. That was a joke.

JJ Babbitt RG Mouthpiece

The result of three years of trial-and-error research, JJ Babbitt’s new RG tenor saxophone mouthpiece by Otto Link offers players another way to get the sound of past jazz-sax greats. Babbitt VP Rocky Giglio designed the RG with a parabolic chamber for easy blowing and a big, dynamic sound-it can be used in music that’s soft and mellow or bright and edgy. It comes in hard rubber or in metal with a brushed stainless steel finish and a hard-rubber tooth protector that runs the full bite length. Three RG models with facing sizes of .108, .118 and .128 are available.

Neotech Neo Sling

If your neck aches from years of supporting your Mark VI, you can give it a break by hooking up with the Neotech Neo Sling saxophone strap. The neoprene Sling rests on the shoulder and stretches across the back, offering more freedom in movement in addition to saving your neck. The swivel hook will fit most saxophones and two sizes, Regular and X-Long, ensure the Sling fits most people.

Peterson TP-1 Pickup

Peterson Electro-Musical Products would likely prefer you use its new TP-1 clip-on contact pickup with its professional strobe tuners, but the pickup can be used with any electronic tuner that accepts a phono plug. It’s an extremely sensitive pickup that senses the instrument’s vibration, not its acoustic sound, and transmits it directly to the tuner-you can use it in the noisiest places and still come out in tune. Plus, its padded, barrel-shaped clip can attach to lead pipes, flutes, even large guitar headstocks. Anyone can use it.

M-Audio Omni USB

A desktop or laptop computer can be the core of a home-recording studio when linked to something like M-Audio’s Omni USB interface. It has XLR and 1/4-inch phono inputs for microphones and instruments, phantom power, a 20dB pad, effects sends and plenty of outputs. Amazingly, the wee USB cable that connects the OMNI to a computer can transmit MIDI info to and from a MIDI instrument or sampler at the same time it’s handling audio. Windows or Mac-Omni loves them both and comes with software to jumpstart the bedroom studio experience on both platforms.

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