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Gigbag: January/February 2003

DW 9000 Series Bass Drum Pedals

Sometimes a bass drum pedal comes along that belongs in a museum just as much as it belongs on a bandstand-a pedal Da Vinci would have marveled at, like DW’s free-floating rotor equipped 9000 series bass drum pedals with independent drive shafts. An innovatively located spring assembly also floats freely, smack in the center of these single and double bass pedals, optimizing speed and smoothness. And the rotors are infinitely adjustable, helping you so you can find the rare balance of power and precision you’ve only experienced in reverie.

NS Design CR Electric Violins

Crafted with love and attention in the Czech Republic, NS Design’s new electric violins are modern wonders capable of more than Stradivarius could have ever dreamed. NS stands for Ned Steinberger, everyone’s electronic-instrument hero, and these maple violins bear his signature headless neck, ergonomic feel and full sound. Each has active electronics and the NS Design proprietary piezo bridge system, a three-position switch and volume and EQ controls. NS Design makes ’em with four strings or five.

Shure PSM 200

When fit snuggly into Q-Tip territory, Shure’s E2 earphones won’t let much exterior sound in, if any. So confining are the E2s that they’ve transcended mere headphone status and won’t be doomed to serving up scratchy MP3s via iPod for the rest of their lives. The lucky earbuds have been incorporated into Shure’s PSM 200 personal monitoring system, allowing musicians (especially drummers) to hear the total sound onstage. The rest of the monitoring system includes either a wired or wireless receiver with a limiter and a transmitter/mixer with a wireless range of 300 feet.

Planet Waves Pro-Winder

How peaceful the process of stringing a guitar becomes with the Pro-Winder’s double-wide handle in your grasp. The winder’s slot has separate accommodations for both Strat- and Gibson-type pegs, providing smooth winding action not experienced with most leading-brand winders. And watching excess string fall to the floor after being lopped off with the Pro-Winder’s convenient clipper is oh-so-satisfying. Best string winder ever? Call us ballsy, but we think so.

Danelectro Reel Echo

While some companies painstakingly re-create the sound of tape-echo units using actual tape (and some have done quite well), Danelectro forgoes the cumbersome reel of tangling tendril with a digital delay that mimics the sound of tape down to the charming pitch-shift warble. After dialing in a delay of up to one and a half seconds and giving the pedal something to repeat, you can play overtop the echoes via the pedal’s sound-on-sound button-just like the original machines.

Audix D6 Microphone

Audix does drum mikes just as well as anyone else and better than most. Its D series should be standard equipment in any recording drummer’s toolbox, especially now that Audix has added a kick-drum mike to the mix. The cardioid pattern D6 has a 30 Hz-15 kHz frequency response and uses the same technology that gives Audix’s other D series mikes their clean, accurate sound. And if Audix’s claim that the D6 doesn’t need to be placed in the “sweet spot” is true, if it really does capture an excellent kick sound in any position, then the mike is a novice sound engineer’s dream come true.

Jody Jazz ESP Tenor Mouthpiece

If a high-baffle mouthpiece is your thing, check out the new ESP tenor saxophone mouthpiece from JodyJazz. Shaped from a solid bar of virgin brass (no seams!) and plated with 24kt gold, it’s a true achievement in mouthpiece craftsmanship with sleek side and tip rails and hand-cut baffles. Its sound is round and full, but the feature that puts the ESP into the big leagues is the removable baffle with a secondary gold-plate reed that provides brilliant tone and better projection. The ESP comes in tip openings of .100, .110 and .120 and ships with a deluxe Rovner Dark ligature and cap and a pouch to store it in.

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