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Gigbag: January/February 2002

Ross R715G Pro Artist Vibraphone

With a quiet, variable-speed motor and anodized aluminum bars that produce warm, mellow tones this new vibraphone lives up to Ross’ standards (and vibist Joe Locke’s too, who gives Ross a big mallet up). A height-adjustable frame makes playing comfortable for vibists of all heights and four, heavy-duty locking casters ensure the instrument doesn’t go anywhere when you’re pounding out tunes. The R715G covers three octaves, from F3 to F6, and is tuned A=442, however, nonstandard tuning is available by special order.

Guyatone PT-21 Chromatic Tuner

It’s the world’s smallest chromatic tuner, yet it’s loaded with functionality. The lightweight gizmo mounts directly to any instrument via a reusable adhesive pad and works without the use of cables or wires by sensing the instrument’s vibration. There’s also an onboard microphone if that’s how you like your tuning done, or it’ll produce a constant tone for you to tune to, if your ear’s that good. Options, options, options. It’s even smart enough to shut itself off after three minutes of inactivity.

Musitek SmartScore Version 2.0

By enabling you to scan existing sheet music right onto the screen for playback, transposition and print, SmartScore saves you the time spent copying scores by hand or dragging and dropping notes for hours with antiquated notation applications. Among the changes in version 2.0 are improved recognition of musical symbols and text, realistic playback of most dynamics and articulations, transposable guitar fret and chord symbols and a feature that lets you add drum tracks by tapping patterns out on the keyboard. It’s available for both Windows-based systems and Macs.

Soundelux E47 Microphone

Do you dream of the sounds captured by the tube 47 microphones of the 1950s? Who doesn’t? Do you have the funds required to buy the real deal? Who does? Try this: the Soundelux E47 is modeled after the legendary 47 microphone, but has a lower noise floor, better top end and improved construction, making it more reliable. And it costs less than half the average price of vintage 47s being sold online or in used gear shops. You can stop dreaming now.

Kangaroo Amp Covers

Available in heavy-duty nylon or heavy-duty vinyl, Kangaroo amp covers are custom made to fit your amp, be it a Twin, tweed or anything else. Each one is outfitted with a leather-reinforced handle opening and double-stitched inside seams, but what makes these amp covers really different are their generous-sized pockets, suitable for holding strings, picks, batteries, cables, effects pedals, Paul Hogan movies, etc.

Glotin Premium Reeds

Long popular in Europe, Glotin Chedeville Lelandais reeds are now available in America from Leblanc. While the French-made Glotins come in three varieties (GIII, Gaia and Groove), the Groove line is intended for jazz players, providing strong and brilliant sound, yet flexible enough for a variety of playing situations. Grooves are available for B-flat clarinet and soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, and come in strengths from 1-1/2 to 5.

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