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Gigbag: December 2001

Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C.

While the rest of humanity sits happily in the dark on such issues, guitar geeks know the differences between tweed, California-style and British amplifiers. The geeks at Tech 21 know those differences well enough to have put all three types of amps inside one little, programmable stompbox that mimics classic amps while retaining analog signal path-warmth. The SansAmp TRI-A.C. includes on-board EQ, drive and level controls and

can be used with any amp, power amp and speaker cabinet or plugged directly into a mixing console.

Novax Eight-String Guitar

Although he surely spent hours and hours honing his guitar skills, Charlie Hunter’s trademark tone does come in part from the strange ax luthier Ralph Novak developed. Take a close look at the fanned frets and that neck-wide enough to accommodate eight strings. The odd design of Novax Guitars produces balanced tone and string tension for a focused, clear sound. Acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars are also available, with the fanned frets, as well as six-string guitars.

Mackie MDR24/96 Hard-Disk Recorder

Don’t be scared by the current trend in digital sound recording gear: the people in control are trying to make it easy on you. Looking at Mackie’s MDR24/96 hard-disk recorder, it seems pretty straightforward: VU meters and familiar tape-deck controls. They say it’s “for people more interested in music than manuals.” Add to the quick learning curve a 20-gigabyte hard disk (allowing for over 100 minutes of 24-track recording), three 24-bit, 48kHz analog I/O cards and a pullout bay for an extra hard disk and the MDR24/96 presents a convincing alternative to tape.

Rico Grand Concert Select H Series Ligature

Developed through intensive research and refined with the help of prominent Japanese musicians, Rico’s Grand Concert Select H Series Ligature is based on the famous Harrison ligature used by countless clarinet and saxophone players. The new design holds a reed more firmly to the table of a standard B-flat clarinet or alto saxophone hard rubber mouthpiece and reduces those nasty leaks along the siderails. The H. Series Ligature is available in two finishes: gold lacquer and silver plate.

Treeworks Multi-Tree Chimes

Percussionists can always use something else to hit, and isn’t it nice when it sounds pretty? The new Multi-Tree from Treeworks can pretty-up a solo quick, with its 4-inch triangle, sand-cast bronze finger cymbal and 22 aluminum/titanium alloy chimes hanging there on a black walnut mantle, waiting to be struck during an inspired moment. Treeworks handcrafts their chimes from the highest quality materials they can find in order to deliver crisp, clear tone from every tempered alloy bar.

Quik-Lok S-170 Tripod Speaker Stand

Although it’s constructed from strong steel tubing and can handle a cabinet weighing up to 125 pounds, Quik-Lok’s S-170 speaker stand is lightweight and won’t break your back while you carry it to a gig. Quik-Lok also protects your well-being by including a non-strip-out height adjustment collar, a heavy-duty nylon leg joint with a tightening block and a chain-secured steel safety pin to prevent that speaker from dropping to the floor, maybe on top of you. Safety first.

Michael Welch Drumtrack Library

Whether you’re a pianist who can’t keep a drummer or a drummer who can’t keep a beat, Michael Welch’s Drumtrack Library CDs can provide you with solid, consistent rhythm. Two of the collections in Welch’s library, Sampler Volume 1 and All Drums 1 & 2, are filled with fills, rolls and rhythms in various styles, suitable for drumming along to, sampling or for practicing your scale runs in time. Two other library sets focus on jazz, one covering standards and the other featuring drum tracks from famous songs by famous people: Coltrane, Davis, Shorter, Evans, Parker and Monk. For a catalog call 407-260-0079.

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