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Gigbag: August 2001

Musser Lionel Hampton Signature Vibraphone

Vibraphone players can zero in on the famous Lionel Hampton sound with the new Musser Limited Edition M75LH Hampton Signature Vibraphone. Based on Hampton’s own M75 Century Vibraphone (donated to the Smithsonian earlier this year), the M75LH has an all-natural wood-finished frame and antique-gold finished arched resonators. Three octaves of aluminum, antique-gold finished, wide-graduated bars let the notes hang in the air, whether you’re laying the mallets down on “Flying Home” or “Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop.” For more information, visit the Musser/Ludwig Web site:

Harmony Rocket III

Using the original 1960s blueprints, Harmony has built a limited-edition reissue of the classic Rocket III that looks and plays like the real thing. Made from maple and finished in black, the thin hollow-body design features three humbucking pickups, controlled by a 3-way selector switch and six-count ’em-six knobs: volume and tone for each pickup. The steel-reinforced neck, straight-line fingerboard and 24-inch scale make for comfortable comping or solo work. The guitar is distributed by MBT International, 1-800-641-8395.

Ashdown Acoustic Radiator 1 Amp

For acoustic guitar players on the move, Ashdown presents the Acoustic Radiator 1 amplifier, which combines a 60-watt bridged power section, a scaled-down preamplifier and an eight-inch dual tweeter array driver, which is the same driver as in the larger Acoustic Radiator 2. The 31-pound amp is available in various wood finishes, and there is an option for a hinged front. The rear panel facilitates a balanced XLR output, an effects loop and a line/link output. For more information check out:

Elixir Coated Guitar Strings

Elixir strings from Gore Creative Technologies are made for guitarists with dirty fingers. Wrapped in a thin, polymer coating, each string is protected from the oils and dead skin on your fingers, preventing contamination and corrosion of the core wires. The result is longer string life and a smooth feel up and down the entire neck. Elixir strings come in two styles: the original PolyWeb and the thinner NanoWeb, providing a feel and sound closer to noncoated strings.

Maxon Vintage Effects

The new AD900 Analog Delay and the CS550 Stereo Chorus pedals from Godlyke’s Maxon Vintage Series Guitar Effects series offer an interesting mix of vintage components and contemporary design. The delay pedal uses two out-of-production Panasonic MN3008 delay chips for the ultimate analog tone. The chorus box, designed for bass guitars, uses the no-longer-produced Panasonic MN3005 delay chip and features true stereo outputs. For more information, contact Godlyke at 973-835-2100, or visit

Motion Sound AR-112 Sidewinder Rotary Amp

Looking to get that rotary speaker sound at gigs without having to lug around a heavy, full-size cabinet? Weighing only 40 pounds, the Motion Sound AR-112 Sidewinder guitar amplifier is a tube-driven unit with 100 watts of power and a real rotary speaker system. A 150-watt, 12-inch guitar speaker sings into a mechanical rotating chute, supplying classic chorus or tremolo sounds. The Sidewinder also offers the option to rotate the speaker or not, making it available as a traditional amplifier as well. For more information, check out

Audio-Technica AT 3035 Condenser Microphone

Achieving optimum sound quality in home and project studios begins with a high-quality microphone. The AT3035 Condenser Microphone from Audio-Technica features a fixed cardioid polar pattern and a flat, extended frequency response (20-20,000 Hz). The high SPL (sound pressure level) capability handles the upper decibels, while the microphone’s rugged construction handles general studio wear and tear. A professional shock mount comes with every mic and a high-pass switch reduces its sensitivity to popping while reducing the pickup of low-frequency ambient noise (air conditioners, outside traffic) commonly found in home studios. For more information, visit

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