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Gigbag: April 2002

LP Fiberglass Requinto Conga

Latin Percussion’s update on the 9 3/4-inch head Requinto conga will please congueros and treehuggers alike. Its contoured body is formed from fiberglass, not the customary wood, yet produces tones just as pleasing, from crisp slaps to deep, open booms. Like the wooden Requintos, the fiberglass congas have gold extended collar rims, 5/16 inch tuning rods, reinforced LP heart side plates and hand selected, natural rawhide heads. Available in either Accents or Galaxy styles.

Planet Waves Humidifier

Planet Waves’ new humidifier for guitar, violin and cello keeps fretted or bowed instruments from cracking and warping by means of a phenolic foam reservoir saturated with water that releases moisture as needed. Designed to conform to the inside of your case, it won’t touch or scratch your axe-it’ll just keep it healthy.

D’Addario EXP Coated Bass Strings

Last year D’Addario introduced its EXP line of corrosion-preventive coated guitar strings and guitarists had many interesting conversations about how the new strings felt and sounded like uncoated strings but lasted three to four times longer. Bassists were left out of these compelling rap sessions with nothing to do but sulk in the corner with their ordinary uncoated strings. There must be some bassists working at D’Addario as it has now introduced electric-bass strings into the EXP line. Available in every popular gauge, the strings are made just like their skinnier cousins, with the coating applied before winding.

Novax Retrofit Fanned-fret Bass Neck

The fanned frets on Novax guitar necks have made an impression on players like Charlie Hunter who find the improved intonation and balanced string tension particularly suited to jazz styles. Now bassists can revel in their own fanned fretwork with Novax’s retrofit bass neck, compatible with Fender Jazz and Precision basses and similar clones. Just unbolt your old neck, give it to the dog to bury in the yard, bolt on the Novax neck and say hello to well-defined notes and smooth playability. The neck shaft is maple with graphite reinforcement and fretboards come in ebony, rosewood or maple. Like your bass deep? The low E string scale length of 35 inches allows the option of B-E-A-D tuning-and it won’t sound muddy!

M-Audio Delta 410 Sound Card

Lonely home recordist seeking silicone sweetie for input/output interfacing. Must have wide frequency range, high dynamic range and low distortion. Must be inexpensive! The Delta 410 PCI audio card qualifies for sure. It’s the perfect entry into digital recording for musicians on a budget. Two analog inputs and eight analog outputs plus coaxial S/PDIF I/O provide high quality analog and digital I/O at up to 24-bits and any sampling rate from 8kHz to 96kHz. It’ll also accommodate surround-sound applications from 5.1 to 7.1, and the S/PDIF output allows AC3 or DTS to be streamed to an external decoder for computer-based home theaters.

AMT S25B Double-Bass Microphone

Bassists Rufus Reid, John Patitucci, Lonnie Plaxico and Scott Colley are all using and singing the praises of Applied Microphone Technology’s new S25B microphone designed for acoustic double-bass. It easily attaches to the side of a double-bass with a quick-release mechanism-no retrofitting or permanent modification necessary-and has a flexible 10-inch arm that simplifies the search for those ever-elusive, harmonically rich sweet spots. The electret-condenser capsule uses a tight cardioid pattern to get extra gain before feedback occurs.

Finale: An Easy Guide to Music Notation

Bunches of people use Finale notation software to lay out scores and listen to them in glorious MIDI sound, but it’s a safe bet that bunches of Finale users aren’t using the feature-loaded software to its full potential. So along comes Berklee Press with Finale: An Easy Guide to Music Notation, 750+ pages worth of tips, tricks and tutorials designed to support both the novice and the professional in their noble notating endeavors. The book’s step-by-step instructions guide Finale users through any troubling situation and the accompanying CD-ROM contains templates, instrument libraries, fonts and other extras.

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