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Evan Marks: Three Day Weekend

Like his old pals from Fattburger, guitarist Evan Marks occasionally gives in to the commercial pressure for light and sappy R&B production, mostly to the detriment of his own style. His Three Day Weekend (Verve Forecast 314 537 690-2; 57:59) therefore becomes a mixed bag, which includes several skippable pieces, as well as some gems. Into the former category goes the dull, breathy-vocal infused “Days Gone By” and “Keeps Me Hangin’ On.” At the border sits “I Like My Wah Wah Funky,” which on the positive side exhibits some of Mark’s funkiest, searing guitar work-but wraps them around some truly annoying synth vocals. With that said, though, the good stuff here is lots of fun-like the wild west/James Bond dark guitar rumbling through “Shakedown” and the brash “Brown Dog Boogaloo,” which manages a funky mood without being overdrawn.

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