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David Boswell: Bridge of Art

David Boswell

Because long-suffering Pat Metheny Group fans wait patiently for the rare, lyrical pop-jazz CDs like Secret Story, Speaking of Now and We Live Here, many get their fixes by turning to Metheny-influenced projects by guitarists such as Brian Hughes, Brian Tarquin and, now, David Boswell.

At age 19, Boswell studied for a brief time with Metheny. On his second CD, Boswell doesn’t take as many chances as his former teacher but instead delivers a consistent groove with electric and six- and 12-string guitars. “Let’s Go” and “Beautiful Day” are bookends that begin the CD with soaring soloing and fleeting moments of improvisation. On the latter tune, Boswell throws in some wordless vocals à la Metheny Group vocal masters Mark Ledford and Cuong Vu. Boswell is also lyrical on synth-guitar, and his sitar-synth playing, coupled with vocals on “Salute to Kindness,” makes for inspired listening. Another standout is the anthemic “Take Me Away,” which builds on M.B. Gordy III’s percussion and the piano of John Boswell (David’s brother). Unlike Metheny’s “To the End of the World” and “The Truth Will Always Be,” however, “Take Me Away” never quite builds to an orgiastic guitar apex but is content to remain on an even keel.

Bridge of Art has a lot going for it, and a few well-placed moments of guitar abandon would have earned it a spot close to you-know-who’s CDs.

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