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Christine Capdeville: Vision of Love

On her debut recording, French-born, New York-based Christine Capdeville reveals a slightly nasal, cognac-hued voice that suggests heavy, billowy clouds moments before a downpour. As such, it is decidedly distinctive and interesting, most notably on a slightly chilled “Chega de Saudade” and a slow, sensuous “These Foolish Things.” Unfortunately, the balance of this short outing (just nine tracks, clocking less than 40 minutes) is comprised of self-penned songs that are immensely less compelling than her sound. The sentiments are valid, but their expression is consistently clunky and amateurish. Consider, for example, the chorus to her “Providencia,” with its blandly awkward repetitiveness: “You are the one that heaven sent/The only one heaven had for me/You are the one that heaven sent/The only one, the one for me.” Or ponder the ham-fisted “Change in Your Heart” with its rather jejune opening: “Money, fame and power/Isn’t all we need today/Gotta think this over/Don’t throw happiness away.” Then there’s “So Close,” whose clever hook is ruined by such sophomoric ruminations as “You came along/And covered me with your love/Opening the door/I kept locked for so long.” Countless other examples abound, all suggesting that Capdeville needs, in the future, to stick to the work of more gifted lyricists or find herself a writing partner.

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