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CHI Gives Jazzers Free Health Care

We have no idea where they are getting the cash to do it, but Gary Carner, author of The Miles Davis Companion: Four Decades of Commentary, has partnered with Corporate Health Initiatives, Inc. (CHI) to establish a program that will provide free preventative health services to uninsured and underinsured jazz musicians in the United States. Dubbed Carner Jazz, Carner’s program now exists as a charitable function of CHI and can only provide to New York City musicians. When the powers that be grant Carner Jazz official non-profit status, it will be renamed the Carner Jazz Foundation and will begin to serve musicians outside the Apple.

Jazz musicians interested in grabbing a piece of Carner Jazz’s charity should read the following, cribbed directly from a Carner Jazz-issued press release:

Carner Jazz’s mission is two-fold:

1) to provide free preventative health care to jazz musicians that have been performing for a minimum of twenty years

2) to conduct, and make available for researchers online, jazz oral histories of musicians for whom care has been provided in order to enhance their musical careers.

Carner Jazz will begin by offering pain management, chiropractic, podiatric, oriental medicine, acupuncture, and nutritional services to a limited number of qualified candidates based upon the following criteria:

1) Age 40-50

2) Reside within a 50-mile radius of Grand Central Station

3) 20 or more years of professional jazz experience

4) Without health insurance or lacking expansive health coverage

Applications will be accepted and health care will be offered on a rolling basis.

Application requirements:

1) Written statement discussing current health concerns; health history (including diagnosis, past treatment, and degree of pain); and description and evidence of current medical coverage, if any.

2) Notarized copy of birth certificate.

3) Professional resume listing musical education, recordings, touring, employment, and general jazz work.

4) Most recent recording.

5) First two pages of most recent 1040 tax return.

6) A stamped, self addressed envelope so we can mail you an acknowledgement of your submitted application.

Please note: Applicants must supply all requested information to be considered for care. Any packets missing necessary information will be disqualified and discarded. All applications will remain the property of Carner Jazz and any health information, according to HIPPA requirements, will be kept strictly confidential.

Mail 1-6 above in one envelope to: Carner Jazz, CHI, 110 Montclair Avenue, Montclair NJ 07042.

CHI’s Web Site:

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