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Buddy Rich on DVD

The DVD is especially annoying to those of us who lack a DVD player because its capabilities do not extend merely to razor-sharp video. The Digital Versatile Disc can also provide crystal-clear surround sound and unprecedented levels of interactivity. Hudson Music has released DVDs of a heretofore unknown Buddy Rich concert and a drumming tutorial, respectively, which take advantage of all the DVD’s capabilities. It’s enough to drive you to a local electronics store.

The tapes from this 1985 Buddy Rich concert were thought to have been destroyed in a fire, but were discovered just in time to take advantage of the latest in sound-dissemination technology. Besides 4.0 channel Dolby Digital and DTS Digital surround sound tracks, the Rich DVD features commentaries by persons associated with Rich, interview footage, and rare photos from the Rich family archives. It costs $39.95.

Or you can avail yourself of the very first instructional DVD for beginning drummers, courtesy of performer and educator Tommy Igoe. Igoe knows the wants and needs of beginning drummers, and his course tempts the novice skins-basher with the promise of hot licks and grooves that, under Igoe’s watchful digitized eye, you can play right away. The two-DVD course retails for a mere $24.95.

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