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Bret Primack’s Music Biz Guide

It’s hard enough for any musicians, let alone for a jazz musician, to make a living in the music business, but veteran jazz journalist Bret Primack (pictured) is full of ideas for the fledgling player looking to get his name out there.
Lots of ideas.

With his new e-book, How To Make It Big in the New Music Biz: A Step by Step Guide, the self-proclaimed “dotcom warrior” discusses the possibilities of the digital age, with hope that his readers will take advantage of what is clearly becoming a changing musical landscape.

In an interview conducted over e-mail-naturally-Primack explained his reasons for writing the book: “I believe the Internet is an incredible tool for empowerment, a way for musicians to take control of the marketing and distribution of their music. I wrote this book as a “How to Guide” for musicians, explaining the nature of the medium and the digital tools available. My goal is to help musicians develop a global audience for their music.”

The book teaches musicians to manipulate the digital age to their advantage, offering techniques for marketing and distributing music online using the powerful digital tools at our disposal.

Primack hopes the book will help the reader find his or her own musical identity and with that knowledge use a combination of Web sites, e-mail and legal file-sharing to create an audience. Legal file-sharing in particular has revolutionized the industry, and Primack believes to be a great marketing tool for independent musicians.

Primack explains: “If musicians choose to distribute their own music via peer-to-peer networks, using the media they create and own, there are no legal implications. Musicians and their potential audience are just sharing files over the Net. Nothing wrong with that.” Primack believes that in this “new music business,” musicians are ultimately in control of their own music and can thusly reap the benefits.

“There are 100 million people on the Net today listening to Internet radio stations and soundclips, downloading and purchasing music on a regular basis,” he explains. “Musicians only need 10,000 of those as regular listeners to have the kind of career they’ve dreamed about. When they find 10,000 people who will pay $10 a year for their performances and to download their music, they will make $100,000 a year!”

Wow! Wanna make $100,000? Sure ya do. Check out How To Make It Big In the New Music Biz: A Step by Step Guide. (There will also be a print edition of the book available by February.)

For more information on the book or to purchase it right now for the musician’s-income-friendly price of $9.95, check out You can even download the first chapter for free.

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