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Brecker Records New CD, Coins New Word

On September 9 Verve will release Wide Angles, an album of new tunes written by saxophonist Michael Brecker and played by his quindectet. I didn’t make that word up, Brecker did, by combining the prefix “quindec,” which connotes a group of 15, and the suffix “tet,” which is, um, the name of the Vietnamese New Year. By now you should have realized that Wide Angles is Brecker’s first big-band recording.

Last winter Brecker toured the U.K., and in between pots of tea and games of cricket he played a number of dates with a small jazz band and a bunch of British string, woodwind and brass musicians-the quindectet. The repertoire was filled with old tunes by the Breckster, all arranged especially for the band by keyboardist Gil Goldstein. Apparently liking the sound and foreseeing more possibilities with the quindectet, Brecker broke out the blank score sheets when he returned home and wrote nine compositions for a studio recording with the band, getting help on “Scylla” from producer George Whitty. Later, former Brecker Brothers keyboardist Don Grolnick contributed the song “Evening Faces” and Brecker then had a nice round number of tracks for his next album. (Full track list below)

The quindectet, which includes bassist John Patitucci, trombonist Robin Eubanks and drummer Antonio Sanchez, recorded Wide Angles at New Jersey’s Bennett Studios, a joint established by Tony Bennett and his son, Dae. Both Goldstein and Brecker did arranging for the album’s tracks, making sure to give Iain Dixon’s bass clarinet plenty of action. (Full personnel list below)

I wouldn’t tease Brecker fans with this news if I couldn’t supply at least a few sound clips to whet their appetites before the album’s release. Click here to listen. As for catching Michael Brecker live, he has shows booked through the end of the year and a handful booked in 2004. We’re not sure if these dates will feature the quindectet or not, but they’re listed below as well.

Wide Angles track list:


Cool Day in Hell

Angle of Repose


Night Jessamine



Evening Faces

Modus Operandy

Never Alone

Wide Angles personnel:

Michael Brecker • tenor saxophone, producer, arranger

Antonio Sanchez • drums

Alex “Sasha” Sipiagin • trumpet

Robin Eubanks • trombone

Peter Gordon • French horn

Steve Wilson • flute, alto flute

Iain Dixon • clarinet, bass clarinet

Charles Pillow • oboe, English horn

Mark Feldman • violin, concertmaster

Joyce Hammann • violin

Lois Martin • viola

Erik Friedlander • cello

Adam Rogers • guitar

John Patitucci • bass

Daniel Sadownick • percussion

Michael Brecker tour dates:

8/20/2003 • mt fuji jazz festival • Mt Fuji

8/21/2003 • mt fuji jazz festival • Mt Fuji

8/22/2003 • mt fuji jazz festival • Mt Fuji

8/23/2003 • mt fuji jazz festival • Mt Fuji

8/24/2003 • mt fuji jazz festival • Mt Fuji

10/1/2003 • Boulder Theater • Boulder, CO

10/2/2003 • Santa Fe Jazz & Int’l Music Festival • Santa Fe, NM

10/2/2003 • Santa Fe Jazz & Int’l Music Festival • Santa Fe, NM

10/3/2003 • OutPost Performance Space • Albuquerque, NM

10/3/2003 • OutPost Performance Space • Albuquerque, NM

10/4/2003 • University of Berkeley • Berkeley, CA

10/5/2003 • Royce Hall • Los Angeles, CA

10/6/2003 • Kuumbwa Jazz Center • Santa Cruz, CA

10/13/2003 • Central Station Kulturbetriebsgesellschaft • Darmstadt

10/15/2003 • North Sea Jazz Festival • The Netherlands

10/16/2003 • Padova Jazz Festival • Padova

10/19/2003 • WARSAW • Warsaw

10/20/2003 • Budapest • Budapest

10/21/2003 • Konserthaus • Vienna

10/24/2003 • PALERMO • Palermo

10/25/2003 • Lyon • Lyon

10/26/2003 • LISBON • Lisbon

10/27/2003 • Rome • Rome

11/18/2003 • Iridium • New York, NY

11/19/2003 • Iridium • New York, NY

11/20/2003 • Iridium • New York, NY

11/21/2003 • Iridium • New York, NY

11/22/2003 • Iridium • New York, NY

11/23/2003 • Iridium • New York, NY

12/11/2003 • Dimitrious Jazz Alley • Seattle, WA

12/12/2003 • Dimitrious Jazz Alley • Seattle, WA

12/13/2003 • Dimitrious Jazz Alley • Seattle, WA

12/14/2003 • Dimitrious Jazz Alley • Seattle, WA

12/17/2003 • Jazz at the bistro • Saint Louis, MO

12/18/2003 • Jazz at the bistro • Saint Louis, MO

12/19/2003 • Jazz at the bistro • Saint Louis, MO

12/20/2003 • Jazz at the bistro • Saint Louis, MO

1/14/2004 • Birdland • New York, NY

1/15/2004 • Birdland • New York, NY

1/16/2004 • Birdland • New York, NY

1/17/2004 • Birdland • New York, NY

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