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Braaxtaal: Dworr Buun

There’s nothing light about Dworr Bunn (Kontrans), the latest album by Braaxtaal, the experimental rock band fronted by crazed sound artist and vocalist Jaap Blonk. On many of his own recordings the absurdist vocal spew of Blonk can deliver the most dissonant, abrasive sounds on earth; a cockeyed barrage of throaty chortles, ear-piercing yelps, nonsensical caterwauling and imaginary-language rants. Joined here by long-time counterparts Rob Daenen on sampler and Theo Bodewes on drums and sampler, he has got serious competition in the weirdness department. Here and there Bodewes metes out fixed rhythms, either on a standard drum kit or with electronics, but there’s rarely any other fixed element to grab on to. The squirming and slithering layers of electronics singe the ears with acidic noise one moment, only to pad slurp across the cerebellum with the sonic equivalent of gummy bears marinated in cola the next. It’s a relentlessly difficult recording, and while there’s an endless parade of new, sometimes thrilling sounds, this stands as the first Blonk project I’ve heard where the overwhelming strangeness serves no greater purpose.

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