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Alex Maguire/Michael Moore: Mt. Olympus

A consistently gorgeous, occasionally oblique set of low-key duets between British pianist Alex Maguire and American expat reedist Michael Moore, Mt. Olympus captures two musicians keenly aware of one another’s idiosyncrasies, and each generously given to complementing and caressing the other’s hushed peregrinations. The most lyrical work comes on readings of Ellington’s “Azure” and Gershwin’s “My Man’s Gone Now,” but the pretty melodies in Maguire tunes like “Irretrievable” and “Whelks” have no trouble fitting in. Moore unleashes some mild dissonance on clarinet during “Twinkling Beaks” and “New Shoes,” but it’s just as carefully considered as the rest of his lovely work here. The album’s subtle charms achieve their effect quietly but assuredly.

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