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Adani & Wolf: Adani & Wolf

The Dutch electronica duo Adani & Wolf offers a series of textured soundscapes on their self-titled album (Rendezvous). The duo combines keyboard-created atmospheres with a variety of instrumental and vocal accents and a range of grooves. Guitarist Ernest Ranglin provides jazzy guitar on “Daylight,” which also features keyboard textures, otherworldly vocals and a house beat. “Onto the Light” combines a shimmering dark-hued rhythm with gospel vocals, while the chill-out tune “Look Around” features vocals enveloped in an atmospheric music bed. On “Le Sheikh Noir” the vocals float between the dreamy atmosphere and a repetitive drum pattern. “Wings of Santa Lucia” features Spanish guitar, whispery vocals and a funky rhythm, while “Mist of Dreams” finds vocalist Praful’s voice becoming part of an ethereal soundscape, while a busy groove gallops along beneath it. A laid-back vibe pervades this album-it’s ideal for those seeking music to relax with.

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