Nubya Garcia (photo: Adama Jalloh)

Nubya Garcia Stands Out on London’s Jazz Scene

The first thing you hear is a bright, asymmetrical, unison melody that’s repeated enough times to stay in your head. Then, suddenly, it …

Alexis Cole: Teaching & Learning

Alexis Cole represents a new generation of jazz artists and entrepreneurs forced by a worldwide pandemic to help themselves and their community. The new world …

Louis Armstrong 1929

Louis Armstrong: The Return of the King

In his new book Heart Full of Rhythm: The Big Band Years of Louis Armstrong, Ricky Riccardi—director of research collections for the Louis Armstrong …


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Luba Mason

JT Track Premiere: “In Walked Bud” by Luba Mason

JazzTimes is honored to present the premiere of "In Walked Bud" by vocalist Luba Mason. The track—originally composed by Thelonious Monk in honor of …

Jazz in the Age of COVID: A Complete Guide

In the space of less than two months, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed our world—and completely altered the lives (and, in many cases, the …

Malou Beauvoir and James Germain

JT Notes: What to Do About Live Reviews?

You may possibly recall that in a previous era (about six months ago as I write this), JazzTimes used to publish reviews of concerts and …

Stanley Crouch 1945–2020

Stanley Crouch, an irascible, polarizing, and uncompromising jazz and opinion journalist, died September 16 at the Calvary Hospital in New York City. He was 74 …


Dave Chisholm and Peter Markowski: Chasin’ the Bird: Charlie Parker in California

Dave Chisholm and Peter Markowski: Chasin’ the Bird: Charlie Parker in California (Z2 Comics)

We start with a familiar allegory: A number of blind and deaf men are led into a room with an elephant. Each tries to …